Mobile and Tablet Applications

The importance of smartphones and tablets in today’s communication is growing, reaching an almost dominative role. Offering almost limitless possibilities, taking advantage of these devices is inevitable. Always at hand, they offer immediate information, allowing us to take care of our daily tasks on the go.

The rising popularity of smartphones creates new communication opportunities. Personalized applications developed for smartphones and tablets offer several new, innovative opportunities, and have many benefits.

Smartphones can be used to send direct messages to our clients. The available applications make sharing the important business news easier than ever.

Benefits of mobile and tablet applications:
  • Available at anytime, anywhere
  • Always on hand
  • New, direct communication channels to the customers
  • Several built in sensors (compass, accelerometer,etc.)
  • Modern photo shooting, video recording, and sharing
  • Integration of GPS-based maps
  • Server-initiated message sending (push notification)
  • Continuous synchronization
We develops applications for these platforms:
  • iOS (iPhone, iPad)
  • watchOS (Apple Watch)
  • tvOS (Apple TV)
  • Android mobil, tablet
  • Android Wear (smartwatch)
  • Android TV
  • Universal Windows Platform
  • Other (Beacon, heart rate monitor, etc.)